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Are you satisfying your health or your conscience:

Lets take a look at organic foods.

Some people like to say organic foods are made by nice people like you and me
Wow, look at all those great organic foods owned by Coca Cola, and Good ole philip morris, man that guy DOES care for your health.
This is how you find local organic food.
Heart warming isn't it.
You know what I wish i could do?
I wish I could eat a piece of coal. Mmmm, nothing like fresh, aged deadthings

Take a look there, apparently, each year, they expend the energy contained in 400 gallons of gasoline, to keep you happy. Now, lets discuss being a vegetarian. Everyone loves to eat/be like a californian...

Next time you see some punk vegetarian telling you about their last meal, you can probably assume that if it's not grown in the surrounding state, then it's probably harming more than if you ate a good steak grown in your own state.

So, are you vegetarian for your health, or for your conscience. Sure doesn't look like simply being a veghead will do a whole lot beyond making Grease burgers cheaper.

I guess the only thing there is to say, is learn to love your climate, cuz thats all you really should be eating. If you're eating something red, luscious and sweet in the middle of winter, it better be canned. Else you're going to hell. Don't worry, eventually, all those liberals out west will wake up when their gas and water prices go through the roof.

Or not. It's not like any common sense about the future has made a lick of difference over the past 10 years. It's not like I could convince particular..about all..

It is a bit sad, but theres abitmoreto saving the future than not eating meat. Or dairy. Or eggs. Cuz if they were your own chickens, you'd probably save a couple of gallons of gas, and quite a few microhabitats, and still be damn healthy.

It's ok if you're fat, thats pretty normal for people who are afraid they'll never eat again. go on, consume! mmm consummmme.

Someday, in the bleak future, fat people will be hunted for their water. Mmmmm water. YARG! THE WHITE WHALE BE OFF THE SEASIDE COAST! ACK! HER SKIN IS AS SHINY AS A TOILET PAPER!

Ok i'm done being cruel. I just thought i'd enlighten a few of you vegheads to a bit more than egocentric conscience sublimation. Theres morework ahead!
Just a reminder, if your bag comes labeled with stuff you cannot read, it probably is DECREASING your HEALTH in the FUTURE.
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