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read if you wish to see my truth...or listen to the rantings of a mind deranged by life in the dark

Chronicles of the Dark

The world was born in a fiery cataclysm as it also must be unborn. The un-birthing will come to the cause of man. Man in his stupidity will end the world in a fiery ball of death. Man is a pestilent creature that spreads death and hate and destruction wherever it goes. Man kills all while sparing none, even its own. We kill everything around us. Man feels he made God and as such that everything is his. We pillage our own and rape the earth. Our race has its own spot in hell. We kill all and respect none. We claim to care but turn our eyes in the face of our own raping and continue it. Man cares only for himself. He cares not of others. Our only God comes in the shape of dead presidents. All innocence is lost in today’s world of hate and greed. We want it and we want it now. Give it to us or we shall take it. If I have it at birth I don’t care. My life holds no meaning. Let me fight and lie and cheat and steal it, then I’ll be happy. The top of the ladder is worthless if I’ve always been there. I want to step over others to get it. Then my power is true. Let me fight to keep it. Then my power is reigning. Let me take it to my death. Then my power is always. I forget the small guy after he gives me a boost. He is left in my dust…nothing but a skeleton in the closet at best. Man’s spirit is the fight. We are death, eater of Worlds. None stand in our way or die. We’re always right, even when wrong. We fear death for it is the real fight and none can escape it. None win against it. We tell ourselves that a good life is enough but our heart wants more. Always we want one more and it will be enough. One more dollar, one more year, just one more and I’ll be ready. But the thing is that there is always another one more to get.

Man’s reign has been one of death. When we first were born unto the world we fought battles for life, now we fight for power. Then we worshipped powers of nature, now we worship dead leaders. The colors of the world amazed us then and now color divides us. At first man killed for life, now he does it for greed and to fulfill his lust for power. We do everything we do today to raise on the ladder. We are inherently fighters and with time our fighter spirit has only evolved with us. It started as a fight for the right of living, now it is a war for another step up the ladder. Man just loves the fight. We are beasts and only in the fight do we let our animal side take over. It tries to claw out always, more in some than others, but we push it down. The force of our animal does sometimes win the fight but it is quickly quelled. Man’s will to fight comes from the beast in all of us. Man has sometimes tried to personify this dark spirit in itself. We have shown physical change in legends and stories; we call it the werewolf then. Man becoming the beast. In the past we’ve called on it for strength. Barbarians wore bear pelts to gain the “bear spirit.” We call it the devil; an embodiment of all our hate and pain. The devil is man’s evil, his oppression. We created him in hope to distance ourselves from it. We kill and say it he made us. We lie, steal, cheat, and say it was his will. He is our scapegoat. He is the one we blame for our demons…our inner demons. Other personifications of our beast are vampires and zombies. We fear these creatures for they are us.

Life is meaningless in the end. None live lives worthy of eternal bliss. The human of today deserves his final judgment. Being in today’s world taints the soul itself. We are horrible creatures. Very few of us deserve anything but horrible judgment. We, for the most part, deserve to be taken by Death. We deserve to fall on his scythe. His touch is a gift. He brings us to another place where all are equal. All face the same judgment. If man was to fall alone the world would be at peace. None but us rape as we do. Only we leave scars on the spirit of the world. Only with our aid are animals brought to extinction today. In ages long past Gaia brought the fall of life only to be reborn anew. Gaia understands that life was and could not be eternal, that life had high and low tides but we only drive the tide out. We give it now chance to rise again. We push the tide farther and farther out. We have long been draining the sea. We are the dominant species on Earth but that is no reason to make us the only one. At our rate we will clear all life. We leave none to be reborn. The tide goes out and dissipates at sea. We give it no chance at revival. We have taken the moon and replaced it with another sun to dry up the sea. We sometimes try to stop our destruction of the tide but it is often far too little, too late. We say we care as we cut the tree down. Our only care lies in the expansion of our hold on life. We are dominant so we choose who lives and who dies…what stays and what goes. We scar the earth because we have the power to. We say if it wasn’t meant to be we wouldn’t be able to. We have the power to tend to old wounds but instead make new ones the old are forgotten. We hold all the keys to doors we would rather leave closed and break down those that should never be opened. We are the content of Pandora’s Box. We are what escaped before life had any chance to defend against us. We ravage everyone and thing in our path. Damned is he who faces us. None can face the heat of a new sun, not even us. All tides recede to reveal the scarred desert. They all cower in face of the ever growing “Ocean of Fire.”

Man is responsible for the problems of the world. We are entitled to mistakes but most of our faults are purposeful. We kill for our gain or pleasure or just to do it. We do it for the thrill of the kill. We make our weapons because we want them. We destroy the Earth because that is what we want to do. Forests are destroyed by humans for nothing. We destroy millions of animal’s homes so we can build things we don’t need. What use is a record of history if it teaches nothing? Mistakes can be made if they teach but ours don’t. I mean maybe Japan won’t attack us again because we blew their cities away but was the lesson worth the knowledge? Couldn’t we have done other things, shown them some demonstration that didn’t cost so much. We look back into human history and see how we “used to” kill people fort nothing and call it barbaric but do the same things today. We see Europeans killing Native Americans for land and call it wrong while cutting down forests. We say racism is wrong but don’t hire or sell to other races. We say it’s bad we’ve destroyed entire species while looking through the scope looking for a “trophy.” Not all people are guilty of all human sin but almost every human being lies to themselves about how much sin they have. Yes, man is allowed to make mistakes but there is a huge difference between man’s actions and mistakes. Without man there would be no written history but if the choice is between having written or perhaps and records of history and not having the burden of man’s “mistakes” on the shoulders of the world. I would take “no” history every time.

Yes, I do use medicine when I’m sick but then again I am human. Animals get sick and they live without medicine. You say the world is for us. Why us, not animals? Are the somehow worse than us? Do they not get the world? Of course not, we’re man. We deserve everything, right? I say no! No way! We deserve nothing. I think we should loose our technology and weapons and live in caves. Then and only then do we deserve what we can take. Then we can kill animals and call them trophies. Then, if we can, we can take the world with “tooth and claw.” If we can even the playing field and still win then we are truly dominant. Only then do we deserve what we take. I mean kill a tiger with your hands. And then it is a trophy. I say, “Do it with a gun and it means nothing. Only when you face him with your bare hands (or a knife at most) as he faces you and win do you deserve to win your trophy. Only then is the fight real.” If we take the world by ourselves then it is ours. If we can dig the oil and gems out of the earth then let us take it. Take down the rainforest with your bare hands then I’ll say, “Do it”. Do it as animals could. All I ask is that we even the playing field or get out of the game. History may exist without man. I believe that animals do know history. Not as we do but I think they know their past. You say without us the world would have no meaning but I say you are wrong. Without us life would move on. I mean if man was killed by a huge epidemic that affected us alone life would go on. With time we would become nothing but a long forgotten whisper. The world would change without us. The ebb and flow of life do not wait for us to give them permission to go. The Cosmos do not bend to our whim. New species would be born and perhaps old ones would die. Perhaps the world would freeze again and perhaps not. The only thing that is certain is that life will not end with us unless we or some other cataclysm take it with us.

“Beauty is a curse in the world.
It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are.

It’s sad but that is so true…too true. I mean if someone is “beautiful” it doesn’t matter who they are, you “have to” like them. Yeah, right! I say no. A lot of “beautiful” people are demons. It isn’t even always physical beauty; money, items, and power make you beautiful too. A lot of those people are demons too. I wish we could see inside them. Then we might have better world. That timid “geek” might get his/her “due.” We might admire those who deserve it. Not to say everyone admired for “beauty” is bad. There are good “beautiful” people, of that I have no doubt but a lot of them are bad. If we could see inside I think knowledge would be admired. If we could see the ego out in the open then maybe we would the “right” people. Of course now I’m being a human. Saying I’m right. I hate it when I do that. I’m probably wrong. I shouldn’t try to dictate what’s right and wrong. God, why do I do this? I keep trying to shove people into my world. The dark side of life. I need to stop. The dark side is lonely and cold. I want people to be happy even if their blind—STOP!!!—I can’t keep saying this. I need to stop. I am always trying to force my views on people. I have to stop. I have no right to call my views correct. They could be wrong. I guess that is another fault of man. Actually one I already talked about. He (man) is always right, even when he’s wrong. And I’m included in all my views. I see myself no higher than the rest of man. We all are equal. All of us have our hole to go into. Truly we see our worth in the end. We all get the same deal; life and death. Nothing else about it. Death reaches everyone. ‘He who dies with the most toys is still dead.’ No matter the life you live it will end. That is the cold truth of it. That is kind of my view too. I mean, a lot of people say “life” goes on. You got to “heaven.” I personally believe in rebirth but I haven’t met many people who agree with me. I guess some people are meant to be alone…to live on their own path. I’m on of them. People just seem to not like me. I guess that could be my pessimistic nature talking. Either way I don’t like people. Most people are stupid. There I go again. It is really easy to see why people think I think I’m better than them. Truth is I’m worse. I pass judgment and I know I’m doing something wrong. I am always doing that. Preaching to others and walking a different path. I am worse than most people. I have to be. There has to be something about me. I am always a loner. An animal to poke and prod. I mean I move eight hundred miles and people still hate me. I wish I could be alone. With nothing to bother me. Just peace and serenity. Never going to happen though. People are everywhere. Always you are around them. That’s life though. Have to deal with it. You could end it but that’s not right. Your time will come when I should. Don’t just give up. Life isn’t that bad. Death is peaceful but you aren’t here to face your ramifications. You leave so many behind and alone. Don’t let those you love chase you to the grave. I’ve contemplated the peace but I won’t ever go for it. Couldn’t do that. We all get Death’s peace when it’s time. So I go on. Wade through the darkness. I’ll find peace when my number comes in. Until then I’ll keep going. You have to live. Life goes on whether or no we wish it to so you have to follow it. You can’t beat the current. There’s no going back. It’d be nice to get a round two at this life but no dice. One round and that’s it. No retry.

Beauty is a curse. I mean a lot of “beautiful” people are admired even as they push others down. I am not going to say there isn’t pure beauty other there because there is. The sun rising and setting is beautiful and pure as is the moon and stars covering the veil of night. A red moon is one of the most beautiful and pure things I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why it was red though. Beauty is often a curse though. A lot of it is tainted. Even in nature beauty is a curse. Cliché is the rose and its thorns but it is all throughout natural beauty. The ocean is beautiful but claims lives every year. Exceptional beauty is often a warning sign in nature. Wild cats are beautiful in their deadliness. I mean a white tiger, for example, is beautiful but can kill a man easily. Animals with vibrant colors are often poisonous. An eagle is beautiful and graceful but it is a hunter. The beauty found in art is also tainted. Poe’s writing is the ramblings of his deranged mind. There are many books that are cherished by millions but speak of horrible atrocities committed by men.

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i regret clicking "read more"

I couldn't help but think "blah blah blah" as I read.

"We make our weapons because we want them."

"We are inherently fighters and with time our fighter spirit has only evolved with us."

"We deserve to fall on his scythe."

"We have shown physical change in legends and stories; we call it the werewolf then."

"I mean a white tiger, for example, is beautiful but can kill a man easily."

"We kill and say it he made us. "

"Forests are destroyed by humans for nothing."

"There are many books that are cherished by millions but speak of horrible atrocities committed by men."

Are all of your writings as full of mystical bullshit as this entry? there is no flow to your work. its boring and hard to read.