LAX! (elayex) wrote in the_opinionated,

But no, everyone loves a bit of a hypocrite

 Okay so i'm going to take a minute here and ask out a quick plea of new coming for live journal. i personally hate it when you see those unaspiring mindless son of a bitches whiners begging and demanding for you to come see and read their latest blog on their site on every community, well known writer or celeb, or whatever their grubby NYC black nailpolished fingers can rape their keys.

but before i steer off track and rant on that..

i just wanted to say

please. as a new comer who is trying to a get a mini movement, a mini revolution if you will started and pumped up. Gimme a chance and go read. Ima curious soul who needs to know your opinions on this mega fawsome idea i'm toying with.

so it would be supa bonified badass if you would scamper on over to my entry.

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