only_pure_soul (only_pure_soul) wrote in the_opinionated,

new but opinionated

I'm new here. But I have quite a few opinions. I'm also into poetry and such. here's a work in progress for anyone interested:

I was so unaware that you could be so cruel

I was so unaware that you could turn on me like that.

But now I fully contemplate, I can understand your plan. 

I can see what you're doing by the sunset

No matter how far away you travel from the mountainside

I'll know,

Because I can see through you as if you were depression glass.

I had no thoughts after you converted ways,

And took the other paths,

I assumed you'd always be by my side,

I had no idea I'd have to suffer this.

Unexpecting lions will get shot by the hunters,

But somehow they will get their vengance.

I'll make sure that happens,

I'm a lion and you are merely a demonic lamb.

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